the o.g. sadnopal69
NFT Project 

Where is this foo going?
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420 unique images dropping everyday on Combining 35 mm film photography and an original character, The OG SadNopal69, this project explores themes of cultural identity and belonging. We invite you to follow them on their journey to find their home and support by planting a nopal in the metaverse.

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how it works


Utilizing a clean blockchain. Traded on all major platforms like Coinbase, and

Collection can be purchased on Sync with any Tezos wallet. 

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edition #

Flip a coin: 

  Heads= 1 Dice 

  Tails = 2 Dice 

Dice Roll = Edition #

price in tezos

Flip a coin: 

  Heads= 1 Dice 

  Tails = 2 Dice 

Dice Roll = Tezos 


Flip a coin:

  Heads = 6%

  Tails = 9%


rarity chart will be created after the whole collection is minted

Some of the features that will go into calculating the rarity will be original edition #, original price, color vs. BNW photo, landscape vs portrait, shadow vs. reflection, glitches, animation, community engagement, and more!