"Billboard Dreams" Sculpture, 2019.
  • "Billboard Dreams" Sculpture, 2019.


    “Billboard Dreams” 2019. Sculpture, Mixed Media. Found objects, Spray paint, Resin. In continuation with the series of “Poor Kids Eat Rich Kids” talking about gentrification and power. Billboards belong to the rich and cooperate worlds, made for the mass consumption of all with the intention of influencing all the “poor kids” AKA the Pobrecitx. Through graffiti, youth culture and rebellion we have seen artist take back these spaces. Using these corporate billboards as stages for the signature of those that dare defy the state. This is an imaginative attempt to a billboard with no intention to sell or hold up some capitalist/white supremacy norms. Instead a billboard made to inspire the imagination of all the Pobrecitx, to think creativity about space and power. A billboard by the Pobrecitx for the Pobrecitx