Stoping creating your own blocks

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

(This blog post comes with a guided meditation. You can find the link to the soundcloud in the middle of the post. Make some time and meditate along)

The mind is a gift that often takes up more space then it needs too. Our mind's shadow side can become obsessive, manipulative and suffer from tunnel vision. Those ideas and perspectives that create tunnel vision and obsessive thoughts are wired into the brain through neural pathways. Those neural pathways lead our day to day functioning and decision making. The longer we operate under those unconscious beliefs, the stronger those pathways become. In a metaphor they start as a 25 mph street into a 70 mph HWY, that process is called myelination.


Meditation helps with creating space in between thoughts and decision making. Going back to the metaphor you can imagine that you are creating a "Construction Detour Zone" on your Neural Pathway HWY. As you jump off of the HWY and spend a little time on the streets, before you get back on the HWY. You can have a quick fresh perspective. By creating that non-judgmental space you are able to see those old narratives you tend to hold on to. You can begin to see how quickly you jump to a decision like, "no". Remember that you are able to create a space that gives you power to freely choose what you want to carry into the next moment.

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