Meditation and Micro-aggressions

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

(This blog post comes with a guided meditation. You can find the link to the soundcloud in the middle of the post. Make some time and meditate along)

Being mad in the workplace. Being mad in a public space. Being mad at home. Dealing with anger is hard. Micro-aggressions are real, and this kind of reality takes a physical, mental, emotional and energetic toll.

This guided meditation (

aims to provide tools for how POC can identify and interact with strong feelings such as anger in response to traumatic experiences with micro-aggression.

Take a few minutes to center yourself and create space between your feelings, experiences, and reactions with the goal of cultivating well-being and freedom.

***Although this guided meditation was created with the healing of POC in mind, all who seek healing from everyday trauma such as micro-aggressions are invited to participate

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