How To Be Wrong

(This blog post comes with a guided meditation. You can find the link to the soundcloud in the middle of the post. Make some time and meditate along)

How do I detach and recognize thoughts and behaviors as not my own but as experiences of growth and movement. Knowing that I can't BE, wrong. I can only BE. By incorporating mind, body and spirit I may experience being wrong either by my own examination or by the honest word of a friend or family member. My mind can think things that are not aligned with my values. My mouth can speak hate and manifest negative narratives. My body can feel like it's out of my control. As the saying goes, what can't kill you will only make me stronger.

As I move through time and space, remember that every moment is a new opportunity to expand and grow.


Sometimes the mind and the body can be wrong. And that is completely ok. The reality of life is that the shadow is always there. Learn to not judge the ways in which we live into the shadow. Accept without judgement that my mind and body are a gift not meant for my control but for me to love and appreciate.I am perfect, my spirit is a beautiful dancing ball of light. When I judge my mind I block myself from creative thinking/solutions and can jump into negative thinking patterns. When I judge my body it slows down my immune system and can trigger flight or fight responses at unhealthy frequencies. I will make time to let go of the day to day wrongs and recenter towards self love and gratitude.


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