Did you thank yourself today?

(This blog post comes with a guided meditation. You can find the link to the soundcloud in the middle of the post. Make some time and meditate along)

How many days can go by where we do not intentionally send ourselves love and gratitude? We unconsciously are constantly putting ourselves down. It comes in the form of self talk were you tell yourself I'm so dumb. I knew I wouldn't do it right. My body is ugly. My body doesn't work right. My body could be better. Those kinds of thoughts cause our vibrations to go down. And if you are a believer of the law of attraction. Low vibrations, will attract other low vibrations around you. You can see examples of this even with the food we want to eat, fruits and veggies have high vibrations and fast food and processed foods have low vibrations. You may be asking yourself, why can't I eat healthy? Our mind knows whats healthy and yet when vibrations are low, we are overcome by our urges. The lower your vibes, the more we begin to live into our shadow-selves. We become unbalanced and neglect our life purpose. We become consumed by the shadows of the world and unable to see the light in you and in everything.


Make some time to send loving energy to yourself and protect yourself from the contagious illness of self-hate. Raise your vibrations and come out of the shadows. Find the perspective that gives you the freedom you deserve.


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