Poor Kids eat Rich kids

My intention for my work this year revolves around the theme of “Poor Kids EAT Rich Kids”. Class,  race, violence, vulnerability, and competition play a role in my daily life. Not bc I want it to, but bc growing up poor/lower working class (and currently identifying with being poor/lower class), I have felt the negative impacts of class and race structure. It is wild being born and raised in LA (along with being Native American) that every day I am fighting to stay here. To be acknowledged and respected. The effects and entitlement of gentrification continue to impact the way I envision my past, present, and future. My home and neighborhoods become the flip projects of the wealthy. Our culture and ecosystems exploited and discarded.
At some point, I realized that I was a Pobrecitx aka a non-gendered Poor Person. I internalized the cultural scripts around the single narrative of being poor and began to think, feel and behave as such. Debt, Bills, Work, Repeat. I was a pobrecitx, I would never be able to exit this cycle of consumption. My dreams were best left in my sleep bc I have way too much to worry about. I had no power. 
Dominant culture will say remember, BROWN = POOR. Dominant culture will say remember, POOR = DUMB. Dominant culture will say remember, DUMB = DONT DESERVE. Dominant culture will say remember, DONT DESERVE = DISPOSABLE. 
This work is a counter-narrative to that of the dominant culture. Abstract thinking is often left for the elite and thought to be void of in the poor aka dumb mind. I've struggled with the tension of fine art, class, history, expression, material, a process to encounter my intuitive self through this work that is not a denial of my cultural self but an abstract, sculptural love letter to the community I love and am a part of, Los Pobrecitx. We are powerful, creative, vibrant, alive and ain't going nowhere! We are intergenerational, resilient, spiritual, hospitable, loving, passionate, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, abuelas y abuelos, tias y tios, primos y primas, gay, straight, white, brown, black, asian, de todo. 
The night is in collaboration with other amazing artist and creatives that represent different aspects of LA culture, we will have live tattoos with @Brujita_tatoos. We will be nurtured by the sounds of @Balamandala, and our elixirs will have been brewed by local brewers and friends @Inquisitorbrewing. 

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