Los Angeles, Ca

meditation INtegration 

"Meditation is the practice of building a non-judgemental space that you can carry with you anywhere you go. It will live inside of you."



Meditation is a tool for becoming aware of the ways in which consciousness functions. It allows for us to have enough space from our shadow self fear and having a strategy towards letting the fear go. With meditation, we can begin to understand fear through mind, body, spirit. 


The first step in meditation is creating gaps between our thoughts. We are going to call that space, the flow. So we want to be in the flow. You experience the flow in different ways. When you are dancing, singing, laughing, reading, writing, playing a sport or instrument. We are familiar with the flow. This is about following your intuition, that lives in the flow, asking to be set free. 

COST: $120 - 3 /1-hour personal sessions, digital educational materials, and guided meditation. 

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