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Hola Metaverso Los Angeles nft gallery

Learn about the diverse artists that participated in our NFT Gallery for Hola Metaverso Los Angeles. The artist names are in alphabetical order. 

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Misclassified bride - Aishatu Gwadabe.png
Spectral - Alex Hirsch.jpg
Past. Present. Future - Amanda Lopez.jpg
FF34F0CE-43F4-4428-88FE-338BFE4A785C - Aylin Scheer.jpeg
D273B850-2685-414E-BE56-D124A11F5EB8 - Daniel Bigay.png
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Malibu Adventures Dream Big - Patina Media.jpg
Android  sunset' - Mina Matos.tif
COQUI - Anthony Valverde.jpeg
Cynthia Fotografie_DJI_0512 klein - Cynthia Hasenbos.jpg
666 xD - David Moreno.png
Wilshire x Figueroa (fnd)_0.75x - Elliott Grogan.jpg
64299F42-4F88-488F-A92B-7E5F0EDBB0F5 - Human Being.jpeg
36003F5E-9712-4104-B2AF-9BD59F10B3DF - Lena Nihipali.png
Screenshot_20220331-110810_OpenSea - gustavo gonzalez.jpg
2F65A0BD-C804-4AA8-B3B7-FD7272E5C78B - Juan Rosiles.jpeg
Herritage02 - Michael Perez.png
Duck346-01 - Fabian Dominguez Hurtado.png
75BBEA74-4DA8-41AE-9315-B449C650D8BE - Neosutras.jpeg
9FFCC7DA-14BF-4EE1-9189-EA4D1AE3733C - Nola Kat.jpeg
HAEMATOPOIESIS 278 Send - Ruben Alvarez.jpg
Pablito_MoMA - Steve Alfaro.png
sageneon_catchmeforever - Toys on the Shelf.jpg
4B892D5D-A88F-48DE-BBEB-E32E4F87A89A - Sebastian Garibay.jpeg
Squeeze_SeanMundy - Sean Mundy.jpg
CONFUSION-NFT-©drcc22 - Tuco Cauterucci.jpg
AD04F4A5-C143-40ED-82EF-F216B7A4AE82 - giantheplug.jpeg
46996619-85D5-41E6-807C-F42F1D329443 - Michael Lopez.jpeg
11 - Photosbyoxy.jpg
project_20220415_1957478-01 - Ronak Sabu.jpg
35DE782F-A196-4C7B-BC84-B8AED55EAD61 - Pablo Madero.png
SadNopal69 #102.1 - Isaac Chaco Ruelas.jpg
4B3F11DA-32E1-492A-A968-18E58CF3FCBB - Milana Juventa.jpeg
A02AAF7C-3E29-492E-AF54-35A534EE0CEC - Roberto Martínez M.jpeg
CB75E5AA-3850-4C23-B02A-33EDD2750B5A - BPAA.png
91B2B249-C523-47DB-B20C-FEC3649882F7 - Richard Chavez.png

Aishatu Ado - Location: Cologne, Germany - Project: NFTs for Global Peace Aishatu is an AI artist and Peace Technologist advocating for social justice in AI and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within Web 3.0 by forging new digital pathways for global peace. She is a creative Diasporean of African descent who can be found on the list of 'TOP 100 Brilliant and Inspiring Women in AI Ethics 2022'. 

    The NFTS of Aishatu's current collection are inspired by her work abroad with conflict-affected communities in Yemen, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso as a peacemaker. www.disrupt.art - Misclassified Bride - Would a computer vision algorithm recognize the beautiful woman as a Bride? Or would it misclassify her as "people" and not even see her intersectional identity? An AI caption would easily classify a white wedding dress as a 'wedding', but not the one wearing wedding attires from a different cultural context. AI applications systematically discriminate against specific populations. Biased decision-making is hardly unique to AI, but the growing scope of AI makes it particularly important to address, as human lives are at stake.

    Website: www.aishatuado.com 

    Twitter: @aishatugwadabe 

    Email: decoloniale@gmail.com 

    NFT - Misclassified Bride

    PFP - Aishatu 


Alice Hirsch - A photographer from Toronto delving into heavy subjects that I've experience with a surrealist twist. "Spectral" is a piece I made at a time in my life when I felt like everything was against me. It's a piece about catharsis, freedom, and letting everything out.
   Website: http://hirschmedia.ca
Twitter: @hcsrih
   Email: hirschxmedia@gmail.com
   NFT: Spectral
   PFP: Alex Hirsch.jpeg

All Ducks- All Ducks es en proyecto 100% Mexicano, el es el primer proyecto de la marca All Ducks, pero no el último, con tan solo 3 meses de iniciado ya cuenta con más de 200 ventas y más de 100 propietarios.
   All Ducks es un proyecto de PFP's que constará de 2500, al momento 350 se han puesto disponibles en Opensea - 


Amanda Lopez - Amanda Lopez is a Mexican-American portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles. Her father lent her his camera at the age of 17 and photography soon became her savior. Whether she's on assignment or photographing members of her family and friends, Lopez's camera eye looks for a balance of strength, vulnerability, and tenacity. Her work has been published in TIME, The Washington Post, Wired, Vice, The San Francisco Chronicle, Hamburger Eyes, and in the books, The Street is Watching by Drago Press, Brown Bohemians: Honoring the Light and Magic of Our Creative Community, and Girls Got Kicks, the first photo documentary about women sneaker collectors.
   Guadalupe. Photo NFT. Quantum Curated Artist. Ethereum block chain. On Opensea - "Past. Present. Future." An image from my photo series "Guadalupe" which explores the ways in with Mexico's patron saint has impacted my life.
   Website: https://www.amandalopezphoto.com
   Twitter: @snapshotlopes
   Email: snapshotlopes@gmail.com
   NFT- Past Present Future
   PFP - Amanda Lopez


Aylin Scheer - Berlin Germany
   Life Documentary- After a long night dancing in the rain for my birthday. August 8. 2021 Rehberge - Berlin
   Website: www.istagram.com/scheeraylin
Twitter: @Scheeraylin
   Email: aylinscheer@live.fr
   NFT: FF84… Aylin Scheer
   PFP: F0A8… Aylin SCheer


Badwabbitznft - Puerto Rico Muralist/Sound Engineer from Puerto Rico creating 100 1x1 original Wabbitz. Digital artist and nft creator.

    Our project is a one for one nft project focused on custom designs as the utility. Each holder gets the chance to create their own version of the BadWabbitznft in collaboration with the artist. Blockchain is ethereum on the opensea platform

    Website: Opensea.io/dabartspr

    Twitter: @badwabbitznft

    Email: badwabbitznft@gmail.com    

    NFT - D273B850 (basquiat bunny)

    PFP - Daniel Bigay


Carodosy - Valencia Venezuela, Drawings from Soul Collection, Artista abstracto y músico
   Arte abstracto a mano con bolígrafo, Polygon, Open sea desde diciembre 2021, he estado dibujado hace unos 30 años, pero siempre me dediqué al mundo corporativo, en marketing y ventas, también como vocalista de diversos proyectos musicales -
   Mi versión abstracta del pequeño Nemo, su deseo de explorar el mundo a pesar de los miedos de Marlin es muy inspirador para mi


Cece Patina - Ventura County, CA.  - I help businesses leverage video marketing, social media strategy, lead generation, community management. Serving the Web 3, NFT’s, Crypto community. Founder of Moms In Crypto.
   Adventures in California -  https://opensea.io/collection/malibucoastaladventures - Malibu Coastal Adventures is an image I took when hiking the Santa Monica Mountains with my sister, cousins, and nephews. It was a beautiful, hot summer day in Malibu, California.Hiking with kids is always an adventure. It teaches us that no matter how difficult the incline may be, together we can make it to the top of the mountain. With support, encouragement and sweet treats along the way. The view from the top puts life in a different perspective. May the Malibu Coastline, remind you to Dream Big for your life. There are endless waves of love and abundance for all of us. Together, we will thrive!The goal of this collection is to build a supportive community of moms, dads and families, provide educational resources to bridge the gap from Web 2 to Web 3, live training and workshops, a safe, supportive and encouragement environment. Web 3 is a place we can all thrive in, find joy, and harmony in real life and in the metaverse.
   Website: https://linktr.ee/Cecevideomarketing
   Twitter: @Cecevideomarketing
   Email: patinamedia77@gmail.com


Crypto Coquí - My artistic name is "Piki," a 15-year-old artist from Puerto Rico. Through my art, I've been able to create a wonderful community while also inspiring other young artists like myself to create and not be confined by society's limitations. I am a high-level athlete who also has a passion for art and helping others. Through my Project Crypto Coquí, I help inspire others. We provide education through my platforms regarding the Crypto & NFT Space and bring awareness and education about el Coquí Puertorriqueño. 

    Crypto Coquí is an NFT project I created locally in Puerto Rico at 15 years old. Crypto Coquí focuses on educating others about the Web3 space and the history and information related to our coquíes in Puerto Rico. Through our platform, we share facts and plan to collaborate with local entities to help protect our coquíes on the island. The coquíes are a national symbol, and all Puerto Ricans feel identified by them. Like the Eagle is a symbol for the US, The coquí is a significant symbol and pride for our people. For decades Coquíes have been a victim of capitalism. The destruction of their habitats made many of their species go extinct, and those who have survived are still in danger of becoming extinct. Through my Project, I want to bring awareness and help protect and educate about the Puerto Rican Coquí. Many of our holders are first-time NFT buyers, and we aim to educate and guide them through the process.Crypoto Coquí is under the Polygon network as an effort to bring more people on board at the NFT space (which adaptation is very early in PR) by allowing them to have affordable NFTS without worrying about high gas fees. We do intermittent releases, so every couple of days or weeks, we release new coquíes for purchase by the public. Crypto Coquí NFT V1 is the Genesis collection, limited in quantity. Some utilities are discounts in collaborations, seminars through our platforms, daily support and education in doing transactions, future partnerships with Coquí related nonprofits, WL for other projects launches, and many still in the works.The image displayed is a rare Crypto Coquí NFT, unreleased of our V1 Collection on OpenSea. It is a very special coquí since it not only symbolizes and pays tribute to a Coquí but also "El Jíbaro Puertorriqueño" by wearing on his head what we call "A Pava." Pavas were hats our ancestors, Jíbaros, commonly used daily. This Coquí highlights and pays tribute to our history and those that came before us.

    Website: https://opensea.io/collection/cryptocoquioficial 

    Twitter: @cryptocoquinft

    Email: cryptocoquinft@gmail.com 

    NFT - COQUI 

    PFP - Anthony Valverde 


Cynthia, ArtFromAbove - My name is Cynthia, 33yo, mom and I'm a passionate commercial photographer since 2012 and is established in the Netherlands. I like to take memories back home and occasionally fly the drone.
   IslandTreasures. 26 stunning 1/1 Drone and landscape shots, ETH on Opensea. 'Lagoon' A little island in the lagoon, from above Altitude drone: 45 meters.
   Website: https://linktr.ee/ArtFromAbove
   Twitter: @artfromabove
   Email: cynthiaphotographs@gmail.com
   NFT: Cyntha Fotografia
   PFP: Cyntha Fotografia 


The Doctor - I'm from Venezuela , my name is Gustavo Gonzalez (ghustanov) a photographic enthusiast who likes to use the creativity with technology

    Artificial Intelligence merged with photography on ETH platform, Opensea 

    Twitter @magxitoken


    NFT - Screenshot-20220331


El Homie D - Artista emergente de Jalisco México, 33 años y feliz padre. Trabajo actualmente con mucha pasión y emoción en el proyecto Tequiblocks.
   "Tequilucha" de Tequiblocks, Phigital collectible Etherum blockchain -
   "El Hijo del Tequilero Satánico" Un Luchador 100% rudo. Una pieza única del futuro proyecto Tequiblocks, que envuelve dentro de la cultura de la lucha libre mexicana, el carácter del tequila, para dar una experiencia auténtica de las muchas características más sobresalientes de México.


Elliott Grogan - I am a fine art photographer who captures architecture and urban landscapes. My work was recently featured at the United by Love Art & Music Festival in the Art's District, and is currently on display in the lobby of One Cal Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles

    My genesis collection, Looking up in DTLA, features eight 1/1 photographs featuring the iconic architecture of Downtown Los Angeles.  Each photograph places the viewer on the ground, tilts their head back and allows them to stare straight up to find a new perspective.  This collection was curated out of hundreds, if not thousands of photographs, that I took over the years that I lived and worked in Downtown Los Angeles.  The collection is available on Foundation and is available for a reserve price of 0.2 ETH and a buy now price of 0.5 ETH.  On Foundation - This shot was taken on Wilshire looking up at the PricewaterhouseCoopers building and the Wilshire Grand Center.  This is one of my favorites from the collection because for me the balance of the buildings creates a tunnel into the sky. I took this shot a few months after my son was born. My mom and sister were visiting and staying at the InterContinental. I had walked them to the hotel and took a moment to myself before heading back home. This photo was that moment I took.  

    Website: www.postamericandream.com 

    Twitter: @Elliot_Grogan

    Email: emgrogan@gmail.com 

    NFT - Wilshire x Fig

    PFP - Elliot Grogan


Gazelle Dasti - Gazelle Dasti/Electronic Engineer, MSc.Technology Managment , Digital Artist current location : Turkey,Ankara
   The Devilish Goddess project from Symmetry of Enlightenment Collection/Opensea this is latest Nft project that I created which is included 4 pieces that I sold another 4 pieces of this project on Foundation before. ACHELOUS-The patron God of the “silver-swirling” Achelous River.
   Website: gazelledasti.com
   Twitter: @Gazelledasti
   Email: ghazaldasti.work@gmail.com
   NFT: holaa - ghazal
   PFP: ghazal dastii


HumanBeing - Mexico, ilustrador 19 años, BeingHumanBeing
   Coleccionables artisticos, Opensea Polygon - Hand drawn NFTs of Humans Being Humans - 


Indigenous Women Fighters - IWF is based in Las Vegas, NV

    IWF is an indigenous movement in Web3 fighting for equal opportunities for all. Our project will be on the ethereum blockchain, on Opensea. This image represents not only the indigenous communities through its coordinated orange color, but it advocates to close the gaps in opportunities for indigenous people while also representing those who have vitiligo.

    Website: www.indigenouswomenfighters.com

    Twitter: @INDIGWomenFTRs

    Email: rule3@hawaii.edu

    NFT - 36003F5E-

    PFP - 752… - Lena Nihipali


Javirroyo - (Spain) es artista e ilustrador. Fundador y Director Creativo de Chispum Studio. Creador de la marca de vinilos decorativos Chispum (www.chispum.com). Sus diseños e ilustraciones se distribuyen en Europa, Estados Unidos, Canadá, Asia y América Latina.  Ha ilustrado para publicaciones como Interviú (ilustrando a Juanjo Millás) o El País entre otros. Actualmente colabora ilustrando y haciendo humor gráfico para El País, Visual, la Maleta de Portbou, Uppers, El Meteorito y El Estafador. Formó parte de la revista satírica “El Virus Mutante” junto a Forges, Gallego y Rey, El Roto, Peridis o Pablo Carbonell entre otros. Creador de La Cebolla Asesina. Sus últimos libros publicados son “Martín Berasategui y David de Jorge” (Debate / Penguin Random House y Premio Junceda de Ilustración), "La Tortilla de Patatas” (Debate / Penguin Random House, junto a David de Jorge), "La Escuela” (Foundawtion, Premio a la mejor obra en el Salón de Cómic de Zaragoza, 2018), “Grandes cócteles del mundo" (Casa Camper / Ediciones Malpaso, “Life is Sho” (Chispum), “Homo Machus” y “Laborachismo” (Lumen / Penguin Random House).  Es profesor de ilustración y diseño en Eina, Labasad y BAU. Premio Graffica 2020.  En 2017, su proyecto de humanización de espacios para la clínica UTAE (Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu) fue seleccionado como finalista en los Illustration World Awards entre los 12 proyectos de Ilustración Ambiental más importantes del mundo. En 2021 realiza una gran pintura mural en el Museo del Diseño de Barcelona, como artista invitado a la exposición que le dedicó el museo a Banksy.  En 2021 lanzó su primera colección de NFTs, Talking Heads y actualmente está preparando un proyecto relacionado con la conexión entre el arte y lo social en el mundo NFT / Metaverso. Embajador español de Positively Men de la UNESCO por el compromiso con las masculinidades positivas y la igualdad de género. En este programa, 15 representantes de todo el mundo han sido elegidos por comprometerse con la comunidad, especialmente hombres, así como por promover y vivir los valores de respeto a la diversidad e igualdad de género.10K PFP Collection / Ethereum

    EmoHeads es una colección de cabezas que hablan de las emociones que tenemos dentro y su interacción con el exterior. Las emociones nunca son puras y se mezclan entre sí. El proyecto de EmoHeads representa la complejidad de las emociones basándose en 6 emociones básicas que se irán mezclando en las diferentes obras: Felicidad, Sorpresa, Miedo, Ira, Asco y Tristeza.


Michael Perez | fantasticplanet.eth - L.A. based Queer Latix digital artists working in NFTs since December 2021. I am a filmmaker by trade and incorporated my video work into the web3 NFT world.

    Right now i am working on a heritage project exploring my Mexican roots that I have been hidden from growing up by my Dad. Putting this project on the blockchain. It consist of rendered edited images of cultural references to things I did grow up knowing about being Mexican. 

I am also working on a projection mapping video on a  statue of St Michael for an NFT as part of this collection as well that will be loaded on Foundation as a video image. Being queer at the same time has been a challenge in this space and trying to incorporate that into this heritage project has been a great emotional challenge. On OpenSea, Foundation, Objkt. A celebration in sweets and treats through a queer fantasy experience 

    Website: linktr.ee/fantasticplanet

    Twitter: @fantasticplanet

    Email: michael@fantasticplanet.us

    NFT: Herritage02 

    PFP: Michael Perez 


Neosutras - NFT & performance artist duo / yogis / authors that pioneering new forms of wellness and performance art in Web2 / Web3 spaces called NEOSUTRAS. Location - Los Angeles, CA

    The latest series of Neosutras visual body codes featuring diverse natural elements and immersing the viewer into a plethora of spiritual stages that awaken sacred emotions.

Each piece is encoded as an “emotional state carrier” that awakens its frequency in the viewer to attract more goodness into their life.

Our ultimate intention with this collection is to raise the consciousness and universal love vibration of the viewer.

All collectors will receive Neosutras book: Yoga For Love & Intimacy, on Foundation - Seed of Life / segment from “Beyond Romance” collection 

    Website: www.neosutras.net

   Email: neosutras1@gmail.com 

    NFT - 75BBEA74

    PFP - neotutras 


Nola Kat - American traditional artist who fuses oil painting with digital animation and AR experiences; loves all things biology and anatomy; and paints subjects of femininity, queer exploration, and mental health.
   Genesis collection of 1/1s dropped as I complete them, on my own smart contract with Manifold. Inspired by my best friend, who chronicles her own daily “Libra lessons” - indecision to a fault; keeping the peace at the cost of losing it; seeking balance to the point of feeling unstable. A 12” oil painting on wood animated with AR components bridging the physical image and the digital motion in real time when viewed with Artivive software. All created together by me.
   Website: Opensea.io/nolakat
   Twitter: @Nolakats
   Email: Nolakatart@gmail.com
   NFT - 9FFCC7DA-
   PFP: 9566D27D


ONe Rad Latina - ONe Rad Latina is a self taught, multi-disciplinary visual artist from New York City. Her works range from unsanctioned public art made from found and repurposed materials in order to bring beauty back into the community, couture hand painted and dressed mannequins on display at The Dylan hotel in midtown Manhattan to working with the New York Public Library for their NYPL Murals project, a residency at the Van Gogh Immersive experience in New York city and painting plywood murals in NYC's trendy SOHO district.

    A short 1/1 series of dreams as seen through the eyes of Artificial Intelligence. A.I. Algorithmic art gives us a view into how we as humans are shaping how the artificial intelligence we have built sees the world. On Disrupt.art 

    Website: www.oneradlatina.com     

    Twitter: @oneradlatina 

    email: oneradlatina@gmail.com

    NFT- Android Sunset 

    PFP - Mina Matos


Rubén Álvarez - Artist, retoucher and photographer from Spain. Ruben’s artistic career blossomed when he created “Paradise in the Future”, a work that was commissioned by Adobe and Microsoft. The unsparing search of making the difference inspires him to create totally out of the ordinary images. Focused on automotive and artistic Photography uses his technique to create beautiful images for some of the best brands around the world. -
   Hematopoiesis is the process of formation of blood cellular components, and therefore life.  Before being photographed, these cells were created one by one with paint, liquid thickener, ferrofluid and magnets by Award-winning Artist Ruben Alvarez.  Ruben discovered the Hematopoiesis process, while he was looking for treatments for more than 15 pleomorphic adenomas that were located around his head and neck. He went through several surgeries to remove them and reconstruct his facial nerve, as well as almost thirty radiotherapy sessions to prevent these adenomas to appear again.  10% of the primary sales will be donated to the CRIS Cancer Foundation, to help the important cause of finding a cure for cancer and help people who are dealing with this disease.  These images are royalty free for editorial and non-commercial uses in magazines, medical journals and everything else related with the research and treatment of cancer and rare diseases. Haematopoiesis is a project launched in the Ethereum blockchain on Opensea. - This is one of the signature cells of the project, exactly the number 278 and its called Vortex. It is part of the most exclusive cells of the entire collection. https://opensea.io/collection/haematopoiesis 



Stacks - analog collagist from Los Angeles

    Foundation, 1/1- analog collage with digital tweaks. “Deep in Thought, Captivated”

    Website: stvccs.com

    Twitter: @stvccs

    email: sgaribayy@gmail.com 

    NFT - 4B892D5D-



Steve Alfaro - Washington DC

    1/1 NFT's and Small collections of 12 NFT’s. Minting TBD - Hello Pablito is my visual art project where I combine my skills in identity design and typography to make unique art that is inspired by Guatemalan Textiles, Street Art, Hip Hop, Films, Sports and the NFT Art Movement.

    Website: www.hellopablito.com

    Twitter: @helloPablito

    Email: steve@uniqueshift.org

    NFT - Pablito_MoMA

    PFP: Steve Alfaro 


Sage Neon - Sage Neon is a Nicaraguan visual artist living in Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited in Miami Art Basel and NYC NFT. She paints in traditional mediums like oil and acrylic as well as digital works. Her work can be described as aesthetic surrealism and pop abstract.
   Astral Affection, 1/1 Original Works, ETH on Opensea - Catch Me Forever. Lost in the clouds, feels like a dream. Digital, 4096x 2160 px, 300 dpi, 2022
   Website: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/102975820457455852100882016043198880720895918077048106651180129200792854855681
   Twitter: @sage_neon
   Email: sageneon@protonmail.com
   NFT - sageneon_catch
   PFP:     toys on the shelf

Sean Mundy - Sean Mundy is a photographer & digital artist from Montréal, Canada. As a visual artist , he aims to create conceptual imagery through photography and digital manipulation that pulls from the surreal and the symbolic while remaining rooted in reality. Sean is represented currently in Montréal by Galerie Youn.
   Photography collection released on Ethereum, showcasing 10 years of conceptual photography and growth on Opensiea - Figures squeezing out of a hole in a wall, self portrait shot in 2018, composited together in photoshop.
   Website: https://www.seanmundyphotography.com/
   Email: seanmundyphoto@gmail.com
   NFT - Squeeze_Sean
   PFP: Mundy-Portrait 


Tuco (drcc_art) - Los Angeles / Worked in TV Production for 15 years, now diversifying into the NFT World.
   a Journey's Questions: These are pieces about questions and fears we have as go on new ventures. For me, it's getting back to my art roots and making NFTs. On Opensae. Confusion: Where the mind goes, the body follows.
   Website: https://www.instagram.com/drcc.art/
Twitter: @drcc_art
   Email: dcauterucci@gmail.com


GIAN - night photographer & visual artist based in NYC
   A Noir Dystopia”
   1/1 9 image B&W collection
   blockchain :MATIC/ ETH
   Platform : opensea
   A Noir Dystopia is a collection of my best black & white images from the past year that reflect the lonely, yet intriguing streets of New York City. “final fantasy” Manhattan, NY (12.16.2020)
   All 9 images are a direct reflection of my journey as an artist and visionary.
   Twitter: @giantheplug
   Email: gianmo2000@gmail.com
   NFT - ADO4F4… gianthefplug
   PFP: … gaintheplug


Michael Lopez - Jr. is a Hispanic portrait photographer in Southern California. Growing up Michael had to overcome a lot of challenges with mental health, as well as, his struggle with Autism. Today Michael has been successful in his craft photographing multiple album and song covers for musicians, going on tour, and most importantly reshaping the beauty standards in fashion with his work. Lady Persephone is a photograph representing the transition to spring when Persephone leaves the Underworld to return to her mom in Olympus!
   Website: www.michaellopezjr.com
Twitter: @michaellopezjr_
   EMail: michael@michaellopezjr.com
   NFT: … Michael Lopez
   PFP: … Michael Lopez 


Whateveroxy - mexican american photographer. currently in the US. -
   Photography NFT on eth blockchain currently on opensea - “A Nice Find” is a photo of a lost and forgotten vintage car that i found while exploring around while the town was full of fog      
   Twitter: @whateveroxy
   Email: photosbyoxy@gmail.com
   NFT - 11 - Photobyoxy    


Richy Chavez - Mexican Non-binary photographer from Long Beach, CA
   Photography/Self Portrait on ETH on Opensea - Self portrait symbolizing body dysmorphia and mania
   Twitter: @reallyrichard_
   Email: ricchavez98@gmail.com
   NFT: Richard Chavez.png
   PFP: Richard Chez.jpg


Ronak Sabu - Ronak Sabu is a British fine artist and photographer. His current body of work stems from an exploration of social and emotional isolation and their effects on the creative process. He attempts to convey to the viewer the feeling of comfortable loneliness using a mix of photographic and traditional processes. Currently Ronak is based in Cambridge, UK, and continues to work on personal creative projects."Abandoned Suburbs at Night(II)" is one in a series of images focused around crafting urban spaces to represent social isolation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, large parts of the UK were put under stringent lockdowns and citizens could leave their houses for no longer than 60 minutes every day. This meant that public spaces that would otherwise be teeming with life were left abandoned, almost desolate. This series documents the silence and dearth of life the lockdown measures created in otherwise bustling urban environments. Interestingly, unlike a lot of Ronak's work, this image involved minimal post processing, relying solely on elements captured in-camera to create an atmosphere of abandonment.
   Twitter: @luxaete
   Email: luxaeteph@gmail.com
   NFT: NA
   ART: Project2022…
   PFP: Ronak Sabu.jpg

Pablo Madero - Mexico
   1:1 PFP collection on Polygon on Opensea- A collection of unique NFTs that were inspired from the 87 year old iconic pop culture of the Mexican “Luchador” mask. It’s tradition continues nowadays and is home of some of the most iconic luchadores legends of all time like.
   Website: https://opensea.io/collection/lamask
   Twitter: @LaMask_mx
   Email: Pabloemad@gmail.com
   NFT: 35DE… Pablo Madero
   PFP: 668A Pablo Madero

Thisischaco69- Isaac Ruelas aka Chaco is a Los Angles, CA born and raised multidiscipline artist. With a passion for equity and inclusion they create art that reflects their own cultural background through the lens of a 35 mm camera. 
   The OG SadNopal69 - 420 unique images dropping everyday on OBJKT.com. Combining 35 mm film photography and an original character, The OG SadNopal69, this project explores themes of cultural identity and belonging. We invite you to follow them on their journey to find their home and support by planting a nopal in the metaverse.    
   Website: https://www.isaacruelas.com/sad-nopal-69
   Twitter: @rebelchaco
   Email: isaacmruelas@gmail.com    
   NFT: SN69
   PFP: … 


Milana Juventa - « Real creativity is unpredictable. Scraps of ideas come when they like, in their own mysterious ways. To really catch the mood, I stand on my head; it usually gives me inspiration. » I'm a prizewinning painter and graphic designer whose works have been featured in group shows internationally. Engaged in art ever since childhood, I have a technical background in both painting and graphic design. My style is a synthesis of techniques from expressionism and magical realism, to abstract and figurative works. I had participated in exhibitions in Russia, Japan, Italy, China, Great Britain, France (Louvre Museum in 2015, 2017), and the United States. I had collaborations with Megafon mobile operator and Paul Mitchell, and was included to national ratings of best artists of Russia. Now I have great start with NFTart on Rarible, KO and FND)
   “It is Possible”, 2d digital art, eth, abstract collage in typical MJ style - on Makerspace - In a world that flows unceasingly, it's hard to take off the mask and show own face. Sometimes the mask prevents from seeing the space of options available to the pure mind. Abstract composition in typical MJ color palette and forms, but in a new reading of digital collage
   Website: Mjartprints.tilda.ws
   Twitter: @MJuventa
   Email: Milanajuventa@yandex.ru
   NFT: 4B3F… Milana Juventa
   PFP: 480B… Mila Juventa


Xolos Crew - Ciudad de México, México. Primer proyecto de NFT. Soy un estudiante egresado en dirección y administración de empresas deportivas, he trabajado más de 8 años en el sector logístico y llevo ya 6 años en el mundo crypto.
   Proyecto de 5,000 Xolos. ETH. Xolos Crew es una colección de NFTs que busca exponer en cada Xolo la enorme, hermosa y mágica cultura mexicana. 🇲🇽  Cada Xolo además de ser único e irrepetible, te dará la oportunidad de mandar a hacer tu propio alebrije igual a tu NFT.

WORLDHEAD NFT - I'm from Puerto Rico, Graphic Designer & a CEO of a clothing brand named 'glohype', leader of the comunity of WorldHeadNFT.

    It all started with the phrase “he is always in his world”. Something that people said to me a lot, mostly family, when I was little. I was always focused on video games and everything that had to do with technology. Now as an adult, I see how the human being is in their own world, which is a very diverse and unique one. Therefore, this project is based on ensuring that people can identify with their world and be able to visualize it in a more artistic way. I use polygon netwotk for the moment on open sea, official WorldHead contract. This Weed World was created for those who love and enjoy the majestic feeling that this plant can give you. Weed makes people be the best version of themselves.

    Website: https://opensea.io/Worldhead 

    Twitter: @WorldHeadnft

    Email: briangadiel3228@gmail.com

    NFT: CB75E5AA- (world head)



YAGAMIII - My name is Juan Rosiles, full time multi-disciplinary artist of Mexican descent. First generation American, self employed after attending college for fine arts. I’ve been learning and teaching myself art for around a decade. A 1/1 artist creating narratives based on different emotions and ideas.
   Various projects living on the Ethereum blockchain. My works are available on OpenSea and Foundation under the artist name YAGAMIII (YAGAMIII Arts). “Diamonds Are Forever” Media: 3D on iPad Bio: A full 3d sculpted work based on the power of love. An everlasting emotion that can fuel any self doubt or heartbreak in hopes of emerging a better being from pain. Through pressure, diamonds are formed, and diamonds are forever.
   Twitter: YagamiiArts
   Email: rosilesjuan86@gmail.com
   NFT: 2F6A… Juan Rosiles
   PFP: 4263… Juan Rosiles