Los Angeles, Ca


Sunday service

Community is so important when it comes to buidling spiritual practices. Healing is a practice that needs the support of a community. 

Sundays have such a high vibration to them, we want to meet that opportunity to align our energy with the flow of the universe. These are some of the things you can expect at our circle.  

- First, we bring gifts to Mother Earth, Sun and Moon. Calling on our Higher-self, Spirit guides, Gods and Goddesses.  

- We make room to ground our mind and body to our planet earth, Pacha Mama, Gaia, through meditation, breathe work, and yoga.

- Grounded and safe, we begin to let go of old energy that has found a home in our subtle body, with gratitude releasing that energy back to the universe; through sound with sage and tobacco. 

- After releasing ceremony, we set our intentions for what we want to receive. Receiving a mantra that we share at the end of our Circle. 

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