Los Angeles, Ca


Using a variety of metaphysical tools like elements, sound, breath work, crystals, and meditation. We bring our energetic Subtle body into alignment, allowing ourselves to vibrate at the highest frequency. 

Using the Chakra Centers, spinning wheels of light with energetic connection to our physical, mental, and emotional body. In the same way that we have our physical body that needs to be nurtured and taken care of when out of balance. Our energy body should also be nurtured and kept in balance. 


Are you struggling with staying focused? Overcome with negative self-talk? Need rest from the burdens of anxiety and stress? Follow your intuition as it asks you to manifest this moment. Set some time aside to travel inward to find the healing that you have been looking for. 

COST: $60 for 60-minute session. 

DEAL: $150 for 3/ 60 minute sessions 


For more information on Energy Healing, contact me through email or txt. 

"Feel the connection. There is no right or wrong. There is only now. Here we see that all is perfect. I AM safe. I AM excited about life. I AM willing. I AM unconditional self-love. I AM truth. I AM beautiful. I AM part of the divine. Let go of judgment and ride the wave of your humanity"