Rude vail 

aug 25, 2018

small green door


An Art Show collaboration of two Los Angeles based artist Manwell Quiza (@seniorquiza) and Isaac Ruelas (@thisischaco).


the funeral 

canvas, aerosol

Rude Vail is a play on the rood screen which is an actual screen in sanctuary's that separated the people and the priest from access to God. It's an old idea of who gets to participate and who doesn't. It an idea that transcends religion and permeated economics and culture. @thisischaco will be providing an exclusive experience on the night of the show for those that join the Circle, Patreon page. Check out their patreon for more information.   


@thisischaco: My work is centered around a future dystopia were spirituality is centered around our relationship to the earth, ourselves and each other. Iconic religious symbols no longer have social groups connected to them but use sacred geometry to explore beauty in being present to the moment without judgment. My work is a reflection of what those images may be. 



Wavy baby

canvas, aerosol

the ceremony 

sculpture (model)

the circle 

canvas, aerosol

Thank you and hope to see you at the show!