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Los Angeles, Ca



Chaco sitting their La Croix cube sculpture while looking at their "T1" sculpture, 2019

Born and raised on Tongva land, on Los Angeles, Ca. Isaac ruelas, also known as Chaco, developed a style that encompasses the nuance of latinx life, as they know it. breaking from the poor, gangster, struggling immigrant narrative of Latinx people, into a different more gentle aspect of brown life. Their work lies somewhere between abstract, spiritual, biographical, historical, and contemporary.


They started drawing in childhood imitating their favorite cartoons like dragon ball z, pokemon, and Marvin the martian. They went on to receive training in figure drawing as a pre-teen, and jumped into the school of hard knocks while practicing graffiti in their teen years. eventually studying oil painting and intaglio printmaking in university. Each of these different life stages leaving a lasting impact on the way they express truth as they see it.  

You will see many different mediums througth out the work. From spray paint, acrylics, cardboard, resin, and found materials. They all come together to make a puzzle. a constant balancing act between what's in front of the artist, what are their capacities, along with full permission to dream without bounds. The workflows between recognizable and completely new. 

Brown Zoom final.png

"Celebration" 2020. Acrylic on Canvas.